Helping Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Many parents will agree that teaching kids good dental hygiene is, for the most part, a daily battle. It’s never easy to convince toddlers to do things, especially the healthy stuff. While you may struggle with this, having them brush their teeth twice a day is a critical part of habit formation that will significantly contribute to their lifelong oral health.

Make it a Family Activity
Brush your teeth together as a family as this teaches them that brushing teeth is part of a daily family routine and allows you to demonstrate the right way to do it.

Make it Exciting
Find ways to brighten up the activity to be more exciting. Any fun activity, whether it’s a silly song or dance that’s reserved for this time will get them in action.

Get the Right Tools for the Job
Brushing teeth for two minutes is essential for healthy teeth. A great way to make time go faster is to find fun brushing videos that keep them focused. Additionally, have them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste flavor, so they feel like they have a say in their brushing routine.

All hope isn’t lost even if your kid isn’t receptive after trying this. Figure out a way to work through it by keeping it positive and fun.

Sometimes, all they need is to understand why healthy teeth are so important from the person with the white coat. At Highland Pediatric Dental, we have a team of knowledgeable and friendly dentists that can help you further in establishing healthy dental habits in your child’s life. To set an appointment for your child, call us at 910-485-8749.

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